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Consumer preferred, natural gas is affordable, clean,
powerful, reliable and a solution that’s available today
for a sustainable energy future.


A warm, comfortable way to save.

Money Matters

With an average cost of only $40 per month, natural gas provides affordable, clean, and reliable energy to families across America.

The Power of Natural Gas

For once you don’t have to choose between doing what’s good for our environment and balancing your budget.

More Money For You

Using natural gas appliances saves your family more money, so you can dream with your team.


A Clean Way To Power Your Home.

Did You Know?

A greener, cleaner future is possible with natural gas, while ensuring the lowest cost to you and your family.

The Power of Poop

Renewable natural gas is reshaping how we fuel the future cleaner and greener!

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Natural gas usage has helped emissions reach their lowest levels in a generation. Warm your home and reduce your footprint today!

Drive Clean

Compressed natural gas (CNG) produces no odor or smoke and is a readily available and powerful option in cleaning up our transportation emissions today!


A Dependable And Abundant Source Of Energy.

Count On It

With 91% efficiency, natural gas serves as the most reliable and affordable way to cook your meals and warm your home.

Rain or Shine

clean natural gas is the ideal companion for other renewable energy sources to help us decarbonize and reduce emissions today!

Energy Independence

Domestically abundant, efficient, affordable and clean, natural gas is leading the way for energy independence in the United States.


The Preferred Choice Of Most Americans.

Home Owners Prefer

87% of people who recently purchased or plan to buy a home ranked having access to natural gas as an important option to have.

Low Cost Energy

68% of customers worry their energy bills will increase if natural gas is not an option available to them.

Energy of Choice

91% prefer natural gas as an energy source because of its affordability, reliability and sustainability.


Stay in the know about the choice of Natural gas

Efforts are underway in many state legislatures to reduce or eliminate the ability of customers to choose natural gas. If having a choice is important to you, please sign up to stay in the know about the status of natural gas as a clean, affordable energy option for consumers.